The Bleakness of Blog Breaks

It's October. The deadline I gave myself to fine tune and write new content, and ultimately come out of my blog break has been and gone, and I've done barely any of the things I had in mind. At first I told myself to just enjoy my free time for a couple of weeks, then crack on with what I needed to do ready to bounce back larger than life. As time went on however, I felt less and less like throwing myself back into writing and occupied my time with far less productive things which, while enjoyable, haven't exactly helped. The problem causing the most reluctance I think has come from what I've noticed about blogging and social media while I've not been so focused on my own, and to be honest it's a bit of a downer.




I've been thinking for a while now that my blog's come a long way in the past year, and is now very different to how it started. Looking back on my first few posts, while I enjoyed them at the time, they feel like very sterile and impersonal beauty blogging (that's absolutely not a dig at beauty bloggers fyi; those posts of mine now simply feel like I was posting what I thought I should or what I thought people would want to read). Those early posts feel very average and run-of-the-mill compared to some of the posts I've made in the last few months, which in contrast are very personal, powerful and honest, even at the risk of disagreement with others. I started out incredibly safe, and have gotten braver and, hopefully, a little more different.

I've said so often on Twitter lately that I will sit down and I will blog on this day and that day, as I've been very aware that new content has yet again become infrequent and people are losing interest, but it's just not happening. This year's posts and last year's posts are far too mismatched and inconsistent in subject matter and post quality, and I think on some level that's stopping me from posting more regularly - I have no established 'theme' or 'niche' because not all of my posts fit into the same one. The direction I've started to take this year is the one I want to carry on following, and the most fitting thing for me to do is a spring clean. In summer. D'oh.

Basically, I'm going to be spending a little time binning posts I don't feel fit in anymore, polishing those that can be rescued and tweaking the overall presentation of A Tiny Mew. Everything will stay online and readable for the time being, however changes going on behind the scenes mean there'll be no completely new content for a little while - definitely no later than the end of September. I just don't believe in adding pages to a book that needs a few chapters to be trimmed out.

Please bear with me, I'm aiming for some fab new content very soon xo


A Note On Shock

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Life is a really funny thing. Except, at times, it's not actually very funny at all. It only seems to be the bad experiences that offer us the more sobering perspective, and that's a poor payoff for the mixture of overwhelming emotions that come with them. We've all pictured a certain scenario in our head at least once, and been able to somewhat predict how we think we'd feel about it - the death of a loved one, losing a treasured possession, being turned down for a job we really wanted, a long or life changing illness, cutting ties with a lifelong friend. If we ask ourselves or anybody else how these things would make them feel, most would probably provide the same answers - sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated. They're all natural, well known responses that we come to expect and know how to deal with should these events ever occur, and luckily this helps towards making a recovery. What I've personally come to learn though, speaking from very recent experience, is there are some things and feelings that you have no idea how you'll react to until it happens, and one of those feelings is shock.



I Got Crafty: The No-Glue Custom Noticeboard

No matter how much I clean, tidy or rearrange, no matter how many candles I light or fairy lights I dangle from various pieces of furniture, lately I've been pretty bored of my bedroom. Yes, it's lovely and cosy crawling into fresh sheets with a clean floor, scented candle and a reading lamp to catch up on Netflix, but looking around the room itself it falls way short of the Pinterest aesthetic we're all envious of. The walls are a plain boring white, the orange pine furniture could really do with some modernising and, well, nothing matches. Not in the cutesy shabby-chic mismatch kinda way, more in the collection of second hand furniture I've accumulated over the years kinda way. I have an imaginary basket full of furniture from IKEA to replace it all with, but like many others I simply don't have that kind of money to make it happen. Instead, I thought I'd take the cheaper DIY route to at least try and make the most of what I've got until that glorious day comes. Today, I thought I'd begin by customising this cork notice board with only three items - no glue needed!


What's Killing Indie Artists?

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll probably have noticed the recent scandal about the Spanish clothing company Zara ripping off several pieces of artwork (yet again) this time originally created by independent artist Tuesday Bassen. There is now an ever growing list of articles covered by the likes of Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Vogue, Design Taxi, The Guardian and Nylon - to name but a few (all article links are posted on Tuesday's Twitter) - featuring Zara's shocking response to Tuesday's lawyer wherein they basically claimed that she wasn't well known enough for any copyright infringement to matter. I know, right?
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