What's Killing Indie Artists?

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll probably have noticed the recent scandal about the Spanish clothing company Zara ripping off several pieces of artwork (yet again) this time originally created by independent artist Tuesday Bassen. There is now an ever growing list of articles covered by the likes of Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Vogue, Design Taxi, The Guardian and Nylon - to name but a few (all article links are posted on Tuesday's Twitter) - featuring Zara's shocking response to Tuesday's lawyer wherein they basically claimed that she wasn't well known enough for any copyright infringement to matter. I know, right?

Problems With Modern Feminism: How I Made New Friends

A little while ago, I pondered to myself on Twitter, as you do, about feminism. The exact below tweet, in fact:
After all, by its very definition feminism is a movement to equalise and destigmatise anything and everything surrounding womanhood, femininity and their corresponding traits between the female and male genders. It includes both and that's always been the view I've accepted feminism under, so perhaps I might've been forgiven for needing to apply that much effort as to why men may shun it, however a woman's reasons took a little more thinking about. 


Witchy Wares with Empty Casket

I've been following Empty Casket on Instagram for a couple of years now, and some of you may remember my post on the beautiful ouija planchette pendant I bought from them last year. I couldn't believe how highly polished and gorgeously delicate it was, as the photograph will show you, so imagine my excitement when they reached out to us bloggers about a collaboration and this adorable parcel found its way to my doorstep:

I've always loved that striped packaging; it has a cute yet sophisticated Beetlejuice vibe going on don'tcha think? As a long time fan of this independent brand, I couldn't wait to take a look at the delightfully witchy jewellery that was hiding inside.

Cutting Parental Ties: On Guilt, And Why I Won't Go Back

You might be wondering, "why your feet"? - it's my dad's genes I've to thank for those toes.
For the past three and a half years, I've barely talked about either of my parents. Even the very word itself, especially in plural, feels extremely foreign because I've not really been able to use it even before those three and a half years. I've not really mentioned my father much anywhere for perhaps just over double that, so when my mother died in January 2013 the word 'mum' became as odd a sound to come from my mouth as 'dad' and 'parents' already had.


I'm Swiping Left On You

Like fifty million other people in the world, I've used Tinder. In case you're unfamiliar, it's a location-based dating app where you can anonymously view a person's profile and either pass (swipe left) or like (swipe right) which then leads to a match allowing the exchange of messages. The last time I used it seriously and actually met someone off there, it resulted in a year long relationship (miracles do happen!). However, it took a hell of a lot of filtering to actually find somebody I might've been remotely compatible with. Don't get me wrong, there were certainly plenty of people in my area to choose from with no shortage of profiles popping up for me to rate, but even without being extremely picky about my potential suitor, I noticed a pattern emerging in the deciding factors that lead me to swipe left. The same issues cropped up again and again and it got me thinking: are these guys I'm turning down actually aware of why they might not be getting that many matches? 

Flicking through them all, there were definitely a few descriptions stating that they hadn't been having much luck and, after deleting the app and coming back again later a few times, I also noticed the same familiar faces still on there with the same photos, and same stale witticisms about themselves (and if you've ever had the pleasure of reading @VixMeldrew's #VixSwipes, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about)

So lads, why exactly am I swiping left on you?

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